Shop 3-PLY disposable face masks for all your needs. These medical grade face masks in bulk have three layers and every layer has a very specific function. The outer layer repels water, blood and other fluids, a middle filter layer that filters bacteria, and an inner layer that absorbs water, sweat and spit. Multiple layers filter 95.99% of bacteria, dust, chemicals, microbial particles, pollen and smoke. Round ear loops for a comfortable and secure fit.

Disposable masks are used as tools to prevent airborne diseases staying safe in a contagious environment. These MASKS are loosely fitted cloth to cover the nose and mouth of an individual. FACE MASKS can also be used to stay away from general cough or sneezing as it may release several germs that may cause sickness. 

  • Outer Layer Repels Water, Blood, & other Fluids
  • Middle Layer Filters Bacteria
  • Inner Layer Absorbs Sweat and Spit
  • Soft Round Ear Loops
  • Nose Clip 

Always remember blue side out and nose clip up for that perfect fit.

Qty Per Box: 50 Units

´╗┐Need to purchase more than 1000 masks?

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Case Pack Qty. 50
Case Weight 2 Lbs.
Case Dimensions 11" x 9" x 6"

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3-PLY Medical Disposable Face Masks 50 Units

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